What makes One Hour Florist different?


There’s nothing better than purchasing or receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers. It can fill up a room with colour, sweet and refreshing scents, and make anyone feel happier, more positive and less stressed! Did you know that flowers can stimulate happy brain chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin? We like to call it instant happiness because it doesn’t matter if you’re viewing pictures of them online, admiring them from a distance or decorating spaces with them – as long as you’re around flowers, it’s bound to put a big smile on your face.

It’s for these reasons that flowers have become a universal gift, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. A quick look at Google’s searches for “flower delivery” and you’ll see that it has increased exponentially! That’s really because flowers are suitable for every occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, graduation, a new job and more – or something as simple as wanting to cheer someone up, flowers are always there and will always work.

But have you ever placed an order or heard stories of flower orders gone wrong? From misleading pictures online to late delivery, horror floral stories are aplenty if you bother asking around. Some stories we’ve heard include florists missing the sender’s time slot by many hours – which completely spoiled the surprise for their recipient. On the other hand, other florists require a minimum of three working days to a week of advanced notice, which isn’t convenient for someone who’d like to spring last-minute or casual surprises!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a credible, reliable and professional florist that provides quality bouquets and same-day flower delivery services? Say hello to One Hour Florist. Their mission and goal are precisely as their name suggests, to deliver gorgeous bouquets to you or your recipient within 60 minutes. Yes, 1 hour, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! We sat down with their florists recently to learn more about the business and find out their secret to achieving not just same-day deliveries, but one-hour flower deliveries! The next time you have an impromptu gathering, occasion, or want to indulge in some self-pampering, let One Hour Florist be your go-to shop. Here are four reasons why!


Quality, quality, quality. That’s probably one of (if not the most) important factor when ordering a bouquet of flowers! You’d want your florist to be diligent, careful, sensitive and detailed in ensuring that the right order is made. From picking out the right flower type to ensuring that the correct coloured wrapper is used to achieve and send out the perfect bouquet, as promised. Here at One Hour Florist, that’s exactly what they do.

Plus, they even go above and beyond to check each other’s bouquets as a round of quality check – and not merely rush the order out and away! Florists at One Hour Florists are even encouraged to discuss openly and chip in on new ideas, designs or products that can make their bouquets stand out further. What’s not to like?


Freshness is just as important. Have you ever seen wilted flowers? They look dull, lifeless and depressing! Well, not only do fresh flowers look the part, but its freshness can also help freshen up the air around you as well. That’s why some people choose flowers based on their scents – such as roses – simply for its ability to improve moods and maintain relaxed atmospheres.

When it comes to fresh flowers at One Hour Florist, however, you need not worry. After having been scarred by past experiences at other shops – where the florists were instructed to incorporate dying flowers and therefore, creating bouquets that weren’t fresh and wouldn’t last very long – the florists began searching for ethical shops who would not run their business that way. Soon after, they stumbled upon One Hour Florist and have stayed ever since – especially after they learnt of the shop’s flower management system, which is the reason behind why (and how) One Hour Florist can offer and fulfil their one-hour delivery promise! In fact, we heard that One Hour Florist has stringent quality standards – and will not let any that don’t live up to their expectations out the door.


There are many florists out there that promise same-day delivery, but not many live up to it – while the few that come with expensive price tags. At One Hour Florist, they offer you the best of both worlds. Once again, it was due to their past experiences that impacted and made them change the way they do business. In other places, florists would receive complaints and feedback from unhappy customers that the bouquets they purchased looked nothing like what was shown on the company’s website. On top of that, previous companies were not able to fulfil the delivery time slot that they promised customers – leaving many of them upset and frustrated. All in all, ruining an otherwise happy occasion.

Because of these collective experiences, the florists wanted to work in a space that would uphold their promises – which is why they’ve been with One Hour Florist ever since they joined them. The florists would even get spot-checks on the arrangements of their bouquets done by owners to ensure that whatever they’re sending out, stays true to the company’s promise. They’re also constantly reminded that One Hour Florist should never make customers feel like the company is out for their money, and hence, have tried to keep all prices in an affordable and reasonable range.


A look at One Hour Florist’s website and you’ll notice that they only carry four types of flower arrangements for customers to choose from. Some might call that a lack of choice, but the reason behind this is so that customers in a hurry are not left being overwhelmed with options! After all, if you’re rushing for flower delivery, the last thing you’d want to do is sift through countless pages of bouquets. Furthermore, having only four options help the florists stay focused on the quality of each bouquet as well. Which means they can wholeheartedly spend their time crafting each order to its best and have them delivered on time.

Whether you’re looking to surprise someone (or yourself) with a little something special, One Hour Florist has the flower and price range for you. Choose from their 1) Premium Surprise Bloom Box, 2) Premium Surprise Hand Bouquet, 3) Premium Surprise Heart Box or 4) Surprise Preserved Flower Dome and get ready to be wowed.

With these blooming fresh delights wrapped in quality and convenience, what more can we say? Be sure to check out (and bookmark) their website today, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram for a look.

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