Our Efforts Against COVID-10

The Coronavirus is being well contained by the efficient government of Singapore. Still, we acknowledge that we have to be responsible as a business, especially when we face a high number of human interactions on a daily basis. 

Our main goal is to ensure the safety of all recipients, customers, delivery drivers, and staff.

Although there has been a huge increase in online flower orders due to people shunning physical retail shops, we make it a strict policy to shut off orders should they compromise the well-being of any individual, or should it be deemed as risky behaviour.

Here are some of our efforts:

  • Delivery drivers are to fill declaration forms of their travel history, and local movements for the past 14 days. Their locations within Singapore are tracked so as to ensure that we can prevent the engagement of any driver who has visited a potential cluster.
  • Temperature taking whenever staff or drivers enter our premises, and health declaration forms at the start of each day. Personnel who are not feeling well or manifest a temperature of 37.5 degrees celcius and above will be sent to the nearest clinic, and then be granted a 5 day rest at home.
  • We limit each driver to 1 order only. Should they wish to deliver another, they will have to come back to our premises and go through the screening process. Drivers who visit cluster zones will unfortunately not be prioritised.
  • Limitation to 250 orders a day across all operational outlets. Sadly, the more orders we handle now result in lesser profits. However, we have bills to pay to sustain the business, and many families depend on us. 
  • Increase in manpower to coordinate more delivery routes, as more drivers will be required now to fulfil more orders.
  • Prevention of lunch by staff in communal canteens or eating spaces, but instead, at their own work spaces.
  • Hand-sanitisers at every work space. 
  • Staggered 4 hour work shifts for all florists. Florist to take turns to work from home, with flowers being dispatched to their home.
  • Working closely with our farms to ensure that the working situation in their country is all well under control, and temporarily pausing supply from countries with rapidly increasing outbreaks.
  • Preventing deliveries to cluster zones (case by case basis).

We thank you for your continued support and vow to do our best in helping you deliver that smile. We are always overjoyed to play a small role in helping you make someones day a better one through the amazing gift of flowers.